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Okay, there are already so many good markdown editors, but they are either do everything or nothing at all. So, here's HTMLer. HTMLer is a cool little thing I whipped on a bus ride home. Okay so here's the basic usage, You just start writing plain GitHub flavoured markdown in the white text box and see the converted markdown in the box under. I opted for a downward preview since it helps me focus on what I am writing first, then worrying about how it looks.

Now, if you are not the biggest fan of markdown as a text markup language, you can also write rich Microsoft Word like text by toggling the option above. This however requires the internet. Yes you heard that right. Except for rich text editing, you do not need an internet connection. All the libraries are offline and the rendering engine works offline as well. So hope you enjoy this single page application written in plain HTML, CSS and JS. And if you want to write stuff offline, just save this HTML file by pressing Crtl+S.